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ISO 50001/EN 16001

    ISO 50001 Certification Consultants / EN 16001 Certification Consultants

    “We provide outstanding consultation; training, pre- assessment audits, internal audits and facilitation services related to ISO 50001 or EN 16001 standards”

    ISO 50001 or EN 16001 are the international European standards for certifying the ideal energy management systems. These standards are based on a Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle with some specific requirements for establishing an energy policy supported by concrete objectives, planning & executing actions for reducing and monitoring energy use, planning improvements and verifying the energy savings.
    These standards offer an exhaustive set of guidelines pertaining to carbon emissions reduction requirements, and all the organizations aiming to reduce their carbon blueprint must adopt these standards. ISO 50001 or EN 16001 standards find their basis in the regulatory compliance and follow the same fundamental structure as ISO 14001. These standards can be easily integrated to your organization’s existing safety, environmental and quality management systems.

    Benefits of ISO 50001 or EN 16001

  1. These help in reducing energy costs by following a structured approach for measuring, identifying and managing your energy consumption.
  2. By affecting the behavioral change for reducing the energy consumption and identifying the technical point solutions, these standards drive greater business productivity.
  3. By reducing your GHG emissions, these standards help you meet the expectations and obligations of your stakeholders presently and in the future.
  4. These secure your energy supply by understanding and identifying your energy risk exposure and areas at greatest risks.
  5. These drive innovation by developing significant opportunities for new products and services under the low carbon economy.
  6. These help in improving management and control of your organization’s energy utilization.
  7. Raise the awareness of your employees on the organization’s commitment for reducing energy consumption.
    What we do?

    As one of the leading ISO certifications consulting and training companies working across the globe with a wider clientele, our experience and knowledge pertaining to international standards is unsurpassed. We, at Niall Services completely understand how to exploit the optimum benefits of your existing energy management system to aid you unlock the true potential of your enterprise whilst reducing your overall costs.

    We provide unmatched technical competence and expertise for ensuring that your ISO 50001 or EN 16001 energy and environment management system’s certification project adds immense value to your organization’s performance and brand recognition.

    We mould our global knowledge locally to bring out the best results for our clients in every industrial niche and to partner your journey towards certification, compliance, standardization, growth, continual improvements and success.

    How can we help you?

    Contact us today to get the ISO 50001 or EN 16001 certification for your organization in the most efficient and effective manner while understanding the true advantages of achieving certification through our proven and specialized ISO implementation methodology which is fast, results oriented, easy to understand, execute & implement, cost effective and time bound.