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  • IFS Consultants in India

    IFS is International Food Standard as food safety is a global concern. German and French food trade associations, with the assistance of other international retailers, have responded by developing IFS or the International Food Standard. The aim of the standard is to focus the various requirements of retailers on one standard. IFS are particularly suitable if you are a supplier of German and French retailer branded food products regardless of your size, sector and location.
    IFS is divided into five chapters and the following lists the subject requirements you need to meet to comply with the standard:

  1. Senior Management responsibility
  2. Quality management system
  3. Resource management
  4. Production process
  5. Measurements, analysis and improvements

  • The structure of IFS corresponds to ISO 9001, but with a focus on food safety, HACCP, hygiene, the manufacturing process and business surroundings.

  1. Enhanced transparency along the food chain
  2. A reduced number of customer audits resulting in cost savings
  3. You can demonstrate a commitment to supplying a safe quality food product
  4. Helps to ensure you are meeting your legal and regulatory obligations
  5. The certification process supports continuous improvement through ongoing surveillance and corrective actions.

  • In August 2006, the IFS Logistics standard was developed to help close the gap between production and trade and to provide transparency throughout the whole supply chain.
    IFS is applicable to all logistic services providers who work together with retailers and for all types of transport - truck, train, ship, plane or any other types of transportation temperature controlled or ambient.
    Niall offer’s a customized training programme on IFS for:-

  1. IFS - Awareness on implementation and documentation requirements
  2. IFS - Internal Auditor training